About Me

Once upon a time, a girl developed a very sweet dream and fell in love...with baking. She loved the smell, the creativity, the decor, and most of all, tasting the final product! She decided to venture out and start her very own cupcake business so she could share her sweet treats with the world—or at least the Cleveland area.

Hello! My name is Cinnette, and I am the owner and founder of Bella Mia Cupcakes. I enjoy laughter, family, relaxing at home, and BAKING!! As many active mamas do, I was always baking for friends, families, and events. After many fails, long nights in front of the oven, some wins and some losses, I knew I was ready and that it was time to create something beautiful with my passion and share my love for sweets!

I pour my heart and soul into everything I do in life and with my family. Family is so important to me; after all, I wouldn’t have found my love for baking cupcakes had it not been for them. So, I decided to name my bakery after what my heart loves more than treats: my family!
My only daughter, Isabella Mia, and my niece Mia Nalani (her nickname was our little ladybug), who is an angel in heaven now, were the perfect touch I needed to make my bakery whole.
As an added special dedication to my little ladybug (Mia Nalani) many of my logos and creations have a ladybug on them to add a touch of a sweet angel from heaven every time!


About My Family

In any classic girl-meets-bakery fairytale goes, there’s always a prince who falls madly in love with the princess and fully supports her desire to set out and make her dreams come true! This fairytale has one of those, too!
I am married to the most amazing and supportive husband, and we have three beautiful children: Isaac, Immanuel, and my princess, Isabella. I know everyone says it, but I really am blessed with the most wonderful family that anyone could ask for. They make my heart whole and inspire me to always keep going to follow my passion for my creations and decorations. Life would never be the same without the love of my family.


About My Cupcakes

All my cupcakes are homemade and made from scratch, and each one is made with a touch of love. I use only the finest ingredients and mix them all together to create soft, sweet, and delicious treats! 
It’s not only cupcakes, either! Bella Mia Cupcakes makes cakes, too, and I do custom orders for special occasions or for specific creations. I also create small decorative masterpieces to beautifully fit onto the cupcakes to provide a little extra flare and magic for each cake or cupcake. Each item is baked with heart, soul, and most importantly, LOVE. 
Do you have an idea for a decoration or design that you want? I will make it happen. Bella Mia Cupcakes is all about making you and your family happy and bringing a little bit of sweetness into your everyday life and special occasions.